Special Order Art

I am happy to offer custom art…

I have had the pleasure to create pieces for people who saw my work, enjoyed my style and had an idea they asked me to realize. For example, our friend Julie spoke of storytelling with her grandchildren. They would often entertain each other with tales of Skippy the Squirrel, imagining his adventures and sharing his accomplishments. I knew this was the perfect job for me when she asked if I might bring him to life on paper. She then told me about the children, things they each liked to do, sent me photos of the pergola where they often spun their yarns, and I got to work. I created 4 pieces about Skippy, one for each of the children, and one for Julie.

If you like what you see here in these galleries and have an idea you’d like to have developed, let’s talk. If we share a vision, I’ll give it a try. Contact me by email or give me a call at 937-767-9166.

Adventure is His Middle Name (289)
Kathy waving