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Book Bandits

A Gift for My Grandson… 

Book Bandits

Hello, and welcome to the rebirth of my KaVoooM website. Thanks to Deb Slater for all these new and beautifully laid out pages!

Although not a big talker (I am, after all, a-not-so-vocal-local), I wanted to have a place to share new things as I work on them or to talk about my process and, perhaps, to explore just what the heck my work is about…so here goes.

Today I finished up a piece that I want to print as a poster for my grandson. I discovered some poster paper that I could order and use in my printer and thought I would make one for each of my grandchildren. This pandemic lockdown has kept me from seeing them in person, and although my husband and I get to video conference with them (thanks to my tech smart son, Gabe), I still miss them and want to send something that will help them think of me.

I went through my files and found some things that I could rework into poster formats for everyone, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for Forrest. He is an avid reader and a guy who enjoys a funny idea.

I had this piece from before called “The Usual Suspects” in which a bunch of masked squirrels are struggling to get a ladder over to a bird feeder. Having created a wall hanging of OHIO cheerleading squirrels for Forrest when he was a baby, I thought they might be just right. Ah, but what to have them do? Books. Books. He loves books. I texted his Mom and Dad and asked for a list of his favorite titles. They sent one … boy did they send one!

So, I drew shelves and reworked my usual suspects with their ladder to be ready to ransack any library. I googled Forrest’s many books to create likenesses of their spines, trying to find fonts that might look familiar to him. I found some elaborate covers for a set of Harry Potter books and did my best to represent them. I loaded the shelves with the books I had drawn including a couple of art books (as he likes art) and a few books that might have particular interest to squirrels. I put them all together – and now I must wait for the paper to arrive.

This is how I think. This is how I work. I set up a puzzle to solve. I like to give my characters new jobs so that they don’t get bored. When I am in the middle and it is working, I am in heaven. Hopefully, Forrest will be pleased when he sees it!

Kathy Verner Mouton
aka KaVoooM

The Eyes Have It
For Violet, my amazing artist who also wears glasses, “The Eyes Have It”
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For Amelia, my wonderful dog-loving girl, “Everyone’s Voice”
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For Colin, my youngest October grandson, “We’re Gourd-geous”